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(Jul 27)
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====Aug 4====
[https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-07-brain-cells-alzheimer-patients-consume.html this makes me wonder] if there could be a phage or bacterium that consumes the tramistters which in turn causes symptoms we call Alzheimers
deeply [https://phys.org/news/2021-07-digital-twins-concept-boosts-food.html simulacra and simulacrum vibes], bruv
eyes are [https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-retina-hardwired-path.html not just hardwired for pattern recognition] but also for confusing [https://phys.org/news/2021-08-how-we-better-by-away.html the hell out of theories]
trash to treasure in [https://phys.org/news/2021-08-scientists-gypsum-substitute.html gypsum], [https://phys.org/news/2021-08-co2-raw-material-plastics-products.html plastic]
[https://phys.org/news/2021-08-asian-cities-retreat-tabled.html managed retreat vs hyperrdevelopment] fails to account for the simplicity of human inertia.  you tell someone "hey we're gonna build a bad ass city right here and it's gonna be future proof" they will probably say, "cool, but what about my house".  you tell someone, "hey we gotta move inland to avoid the horrors of the future" and they will probably say. "cool, but what about my house"
okay so who had [https://phys.org/news/2021-08-near-atomic-ways-thwart-sars-cov-variants.html "llamas save the world"] on their bingo card?
if [https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-08-yields-tiny-human-memory.html this can be scaled and stablized], maybe i can finally remember where the hell i left my keys!
====Jul 27====
====Jul 27====

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Aug 4

this makes me wonder if there could be a phage or bacterium that consumes the tramistters which in turn causes symptoms we call Alzheimers

deeply simulacra and simulacrum vibes, bruv

eyes are not just hardwired for pattern recognition but also for confusing the hell out of theories

trash to treasure in gypsum, plastic

managed retreat vs hyperrdevelopment fails to account for the simplicity of human inertia. you tell someone "hey we're gonna build a bad ass city right here and it's gonna be future proof" they will probably say, "cool, but what about my house". you tell someone, "hey we gotta move inland to avoid the horrors of the future" and they will probably say. "cool, but what about my house"

okay so who had "llamas save the world" on their bingo card?

if this can be scaled and stablized, maybe i can finally remember where the hell i left my keys!


Jul 27

well, that's a problematic side effect of mecha-suits

spongy buildings? sure, sure, sure, we've all watched those scifi movies. now, can we grow them from bacteria??

oh, my, what a strange and interesting finding that CRIME IS LINKED TO POVERTY?!? ...my god the insights of these morons...

trash to treasure

so we monocultured bananas and that was a problem. turns out we may have done it to beef as well.

ya know, i gotta respect the clearly hilarious naming convention

this is gonna affect tattoos looong before we get better syringes. making shots less painful is less lucrative than making tattoos easier to get because vanity and body-control are gonna be at all time highs in a year or so

in a billion years or so, there's gonna be a whooooole lotta diamonds

not calling the position "Chief Hottie" was a missed opportunity

oh you DONT SAY

well, that tugs at my heartstrings, remembering every time i said, "ill be right back" to my doggo before i left for work

Jul 20

it's annoying how clear the conclusions should be. it's not that people are cheaters because of circumstances. it's that we refuse to accept that some people are just gonna find ways to cheat.

someone should cram this down PETA's throat. also this. that someone isn't me. because PETA terrifies me.

yes. social media is nonsense. but technically so is any form of art.

what a pile of pudding we use to think with

my squishyFuture posit is looking more like a definite

in a near Future, recycling is seen as environmentally unfriendly

creeping micromachines? is that more sci-fi or horror or sci-fi+horror?

the old ways are the new ways

if you've ever had the luxury of flying into a major city at night, you've seen the lights and the streets and the whole tapestry of human ingenuity laid out. if you've also had the luxury of working on a motherboard, you've drawn a visual parallel between the city and the circuits. What if the city WAS a circuit though?

good. very good. now someone slap a "we could geoengineer the planet!" proponet in the back of the skull


Jul 9

now, im not saying that we should be eating invasive, out of control species. if you don't think that's our role in the biome, then i can't convince you. you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him eat invasive species OHWAITYOUCAN

nature finds a way. you may not like that way, but it's not like you have a choice

surprise, surprise, immigration is about quality of life not money

we're just shambling stacks of bacteria and so are...wait, is this right?... plants??

it's like cleaning up the living room while someone sets fire to the kitchen

in future, you are battery

perhaps with some liver? and a nice Chablis? no, no, what would go better than a Chablis....hmmmmmmm

the fact that octopi are a little shitty when they get tested makes me think they're probably a lot smarter than we think

while we (humans) might be extinct before it happens, i still really wanna know what's gonna happen to all this plastic.

so what you're saying is Babe wasn't wholly inaccurate? Pigs can wink??

one man's insomnia treatment is some jackass-startup-founder's Workplace Improvement System

but have you tried turning it off and on again?

now im wondering what new species we will see with this new climate shift

problems with your brain? lemme stab it with a rusty nail


Jun 30


this right here is what a massive leap in computing looks like. now put down that [quantum-supremacy manual. drop it....bad human!

biomimicry is one thing but this is just plain copying-your-neighbors-work...and i love it so damn much

im not bullish on immortality, but i am hopeful for senesence mitigation

individuals specializing is a good thing, at least for herd animals like humans. but when an entire species specializes...oooh boy thats-a no good

as any cook will tell you, memories are made from butter

given this, the most unique aspect of our mudball may not be humans. it may be green plant-life

sustainability is incompatible with growth

the fact that 3D printing is turning into 3D gardening pleases me on an existential level

Jun 23

the burden of knowledge is not knowing. its knowing that you can't know everything.

And this is where we are going.

tying someone's income to their ability to debase themselves should have been phased out when guillotines were still in vogue.

i, for one, welcome our new corporate superstructures

ah epigenetics....proving once and for all, it's not the book that changes the reader, its the reader that changes the book

"committed groups with size higher than 25% are sufficient to change social conventions."

yeaaaah, so the wearable future and the always-on future are probably gonna make smartwatches like pocket watches and penny-farthings

...okay...okay...can we just admit that this is straight up wizardry? like, can we just call it magic at this point?

Jun 17

the fact this wasn't baked into the design from the beginning is not only a gross oversight. it's just plain gross.

you know, sometimes the universe just doubles down on the absurdism, doesn't it? like, wanna grow some neurons in your hypothalamus? eat more cookies. wanna have a great memory? get used to having songs stuck in your head.

so...the Eye of Thundera? or Wonder Woman's plane?

i mean, y'all know that horror movies start like this...right??

possibly, we were what we ate

the geometry of flame sounds almost poetic

rapid detection of airborne pathogens was necessary since...well...forever? but now, with Touchy Uncle Covid, we're finally gonna get there

Jun 11

finally! a reasonable use case for a wearable! you know, like, a remote killswitch for your henchmen!

called it! okay well, this is more of a combination of 'squishyFuture' and 'surface level weirdness' but my argument stands!

first, gamers piloting drones. next, graphic artists detecting camouflage. is there anything we can't militarize?

WAR! good god y'all. WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?! protecting ecological diversity due to internal conflicts preventing economic coordination. ... SING IT AGAIN, Y'ALL!

today, in "why do i know this", echidna dongs

are you baking? no, no, that's just the landfill

the more we know about How It Be, the less we assume about How We Think It Be

Jun 7

hair metal? no no, i said, AIR metal

electric? no no, i said acoustic

hey! did you stop playing with those puppies? keep that up and you're fired!

feathered submarines with fungal navigation in a squishy Future full of tame infections that we can om nom nom

oh, wait, you mean whoring yourself out for tourist dollars makes you dependent on them? HOW SHOCKING!

better to be a big fish in a little pond than a big fish surrounded by big fish in a little pond. wait is that how that goes?

the fact that funds were diverted to perform research which basically says, "traveling causes the spread of organisms" infuriates me beyond reason

Jun 2

trash to treasure

so traffic is a feature not a bug?

climate change may be a symptom of an apex species' growing pains. heck, a lot of things might be symptoms of growing pains.

im starting to think that complex processes that seem like they should require 'thought' or 'algorithms' might just be physical reactions. like, cells do not pop when certain criteria are met and a central intelligence signals apotheosis. they pop when they have too much pressure. so what happens when inert things get their own sensors and generators? do we call them alive?

we'll probably have optical computing hit the mainstream before quantum computing does. not because the technology is more mature, but because the applications that quantum computing excels at are niche as all get out. but a faster cellphone? oooh, there's money in that!

first, there's gonna be a lot more of this. then the critters get engineered and cyborged. and then, hopefully, we launch them into space to terraform a planet or three.


May 28

ah, the problem is your spleen is still blinking 12

this sort of nano-harvesting strikes me as a borderline solution. if it goes well, we'll have a low footprint method of extracting exactly the things we need. if it goes wrong, we'll have fields of resources reduced to desiccated/mutated/hamstrung bits and pieces

since we're basically stacks of bacteria hallucinating a unified consciousness, this kinda points to why environmental changes correspond to cognitive changes

the music of the spheres OR "we keep getting weird brown outs around here. can you call the DJ?"

waste-to-resource is a synonym for trash-to-treasure

it's not fatalistic to say, "look out there's a trolley problem headed right for us!", is it?

ah science...how deeply you confuse me. i do so love it. because it seems that reality is much mushier than i was led to believe

i only have two questions about this...one, how do they taste? like, really, toss them in front of a great sushi chef and let them decide if this is good meat....and two, did you not watch jurassic park? of course they're gonna get out and alter the ecosystem!

May 25

it's not so much that i'm concerned that a fragmentation of consensus reality into AR-based variants is going to foster extremism in the way that internet bubbles did.....wait no that's exactly what im concerned about!

it's like cat's whiskers...but with LAZORS

it's Brassica....all the way down

graphene's cool and all but her cousin's a little square

criminal physics

Cry COVID and let loose the DOGS OF WAR

well, yeah? you can't try to work within a system to change it. you just reinforce the system. you gotta break the system to change it.

oh, really? you mean to say that class war isn't inevitable as long as public policies mitigate the concentration of wealth? wow! what a SHOCKING FINDING!!

May 20

the fault may not be in our stars, but in our blood

switching to a greener economy also means warfare based on disruptions to existing economies

there will be a day, sometime soon, where this sort of thing will happen in homes around the world as opposed to just at the LHC

recombining the old with the new is a trope in art, but now also in snacks

the real face of biodiversity is substantially weirder than you might think

the fact that feelings have any impact on policy decisions and life-or-death decisions makes me enraged beyond all measure

May 18

somewhere, Philip K. Dick's lawyers are getting ramped up

spacesuits are gonna get real uncomfy

"what is this, Crossfit for mice??" "um....squeak?"

replaceable retinas, preferably with embedded electronics would be my kinda AR

trash to treasure isn't just a business, man. it's a business man

if you grew up and lived in a world where the answer to every problem is, "throw some tech at it", it's almost impossible to imagine an alternative option

May 14

personally, i'm intrigued by the idea of literally seeing what the subconscious has to say for itself

do you DREAD your anxiety or nah?

as we get closer to the nuts and bolts of thought, it becomes more apparent that the mechanics of the process and our experience of the process are closer and further than we had supposed

squishyFuture shall bring us: bandages and gold-leaf diagnostics and synthetic proto-cells and vats that spit out acetone and breathing batteries

curiouser and curiouser and holy crap even curiouser and holiest crappiest even most curiousest

you know, the Pareto principle is really quite a handy tool

i wonder if that's why roman concrete was so different than modern concrete?

May 12

maybe we shouldn't be curing cancer but taming it?

squishyFuture might help avoid a thirsty future


trash to treasure....AGAIN


we navigate the physical world and our progression towards a goal with the same electrified pudding and Touchy Uncle CoCo wants some of it

now that is a fascinating bit of correlation.

diabetic dolphins? information engines? singing computation? ...did you eat all this acid? you'd better hope there's some thorazine in the bag or you're in bad fucking shape

May 5


how is this not cyborgian?

trash to treasure

wait...wait a minute....YOU MEAN IT HASN'T???

i think i need to stop talking about graphene. because at this point it's pretty much a given.

a patisserie for the brain stem

surface level weirdness

see through, tangy, and renewable

people are people. so why should it be, you and i should get along, so awfully?

May 1

with the right attitude, you can see these two things as pieces to a larger puzzle that someone else is solving

good. very good. can we finally jettison the Bell Curve into the sun??

things tha make eye contact make humans feel good. so i guess breeding dogs until they can't breathe is just humans smashing that dopamine button, eh?

if humanity moved at the speed where natural cycles replenished what we used, striving to function in homeostatic balance, we'd be dead in a generation

a squishy, yet crunchy future

first, Tang. now this!

every time someone clamors about invasive species, i have to wonder: why do you think nature cares about geography when it really only cares about survival?

now that's just good writing


Apr 29

but can it run Crysis?

trash to treasure in the squishyFuture

its almost like watching kids play with a toy kitchen and think they're actually cooking

squishyFuture is about using biological 'things' in place of mechanized 'things' but it also means leveraging the benefits of billions of years of evolution for our day-to-day challenges

this says a lot about how much we've brought down other forms of pollution

if you're mad the future isn't future-y enough for you i have two words: read more[1][2]

oh and if you think the world is boring, the same thing applies[3][4]

this entire line of questioning smacks of eugenics

Apr 23

each day, i am disappointed that we haven't started tossing things into the sun

finding a loophole to what seems like The Law is what gets me out of bed in the morning

this is how homeopathy/naturopathy is supposed to work.

im not saying they forgot how nature and nuture are intertwined, how pinning the things that make us human/apex predators/killers of competing species on our genes is a gross oversimplification that smacks of pseudo-science.....okay maybe that is what im saying!

relying on algos to tell you logical things is easy. ignoring them for emotional things is easy. and, as life/history/everything tells us, easy is often stupid. why? because you aren't making your own decisions, you're trusting the algo's creators to make decisions when even they aren't sure how the hell those decisions are made!

true for contest judges and criminal ones as well

there is a near future where digging through plastic trash is a cheaper way of getting fuel than refining petroleum

Apr 20

scale this up and bolt it to this and we've got tsunami proof coasts

"when is water not water? when is ice not ice?" (either that stoner you knew in college or this paper)

not that is deeply fascinating and also deeply disturbing in the context of COVID, it's variants, and evolution/adaptation

i see the expenditure towards stopping invasive species as a a failure of imagination in the face of examples like this

the agricultural equivalent of putting someone's hand in water

Apr 16

poop core sounds like a strange post-punk sub-genre

a healthier squishyFuture. also a deadlier one

WEIRD AND DOUBLY WEIRD AND also kinda funny lookin'

ah yes, do tell me how private orgs are better than public ones at societal scales?

yelling "fire!" is more efficient than expecting people to help out of the kindness of their hearts, especially since most problems are social problems

the two biggest contributors to climate change are concrete and steel. let's hope this helps fix one of them

yeaaaahhhhh...i dunno about that conclusion.

Apr 12

now that's just plain odd

we are the sum of our parts, good and bad. there's no denying that. but what if our worst parts are too much to bear?

yes, it's a major leap into squishyFuture but "FAP at work" is hilarious and possibly more important than decoupling the global economy from peak oil issues

brains don't gotta be big to work and we still have stuff to learn about how they are wired

biomimicry isn't just about science mimicking nature. it's also about finding beauty in the unexamined corners of nature

unintended consequences are more horrible than intended ones

for medical reasons...smashy da liver.

trash to treasure

the more IoT advances, the more insights and horrors abound

telling if someone is lying isn't something you can do, no matter how much you think you can

Apr 8



so that vibrating laz-y-boy? that's a medical expense

you are more musical than you think you are so stop consuming and start producing

fuel for spaceships = cupcake frosting

just more confirmation that modern success doesn't jibe with the idea of a meritocracy

got dang graphene again

the brain is the mind, right? wait, then what is the mind? wait, but what is the brain??

JEDIS! WE'RE GONNA GET TO ACT LIKE JEDIS!! "These are not the files i'm looking for"

Apr 6

there is almost no way this does not get incorporated into line work

you know, weather prediction doesn't get enough credit for how accurate it is considering all the variables[5][6]

like a 3D etch-a-sketch FOR SCIENCE

toss this into facial recognition software and, ooooh boy, are things gonna get weird

post-COVID is going to be significantly weirder than pre-COVID. like, waaaaaay weirder.

biomimicry research starts with the assumption that maybe, just maybe, millions of years of evolution got to an answer that's better than hundreds of years of academics arguing in their ivory towers.

the cure for cancer? speckles...maybe

keep this in mind as you watch the extinction of species accelerate

if you're keeping track, here's another nail in the "if i learn about my genetic ancestry, i learn about myself" coffin

soon, your phone will be reading your gestures with it's compass

Apr 1

a squishyFuture is just over the horizon

success within a system is just proof that you can play that system's game. it is not a measure of anything more important

okay, now THAT is some cool science right there

so, beef with broccoli or beef WITH broccoli

attention = memory = attention

we're gonna have TRICORDERS

trash to treasure


Mar 30

first, we set it on fire. then, we harvest it's screams.

you know that TNG episode where Barclay becomes Ze UberMIND and controls the ship from the holodeck? specifically, those big ol blocks that blinked when the lazers hit them?

"do you know why I stopped you sir?"
"no officer. was i speeding?"
"no sir it was the uh...giant ray gun you seem to have strapped to the roof of your car"
"oh, yes, my multiplexed muon ray! wonderful isn't it?!"
"sir, are you aware it's illegal to be a supervillain in this county?"
"i assure you officer, i am just a simple scientist!!!"
"yeah, yeah, they all say that. the color coordinated ray gun and car and cape kinda say otherwise, buddy. also, that was five exclamation marks in three sentences so i'm gonna have to take you in."

where the rubber meets the..buildings?

so, can we just all agree that individual perception is completely mutated by internal cognition? or are we still clinging to the whole "my perceptions are unbiased" fallacy?

next time you spritz cologne or perfume on yourself, think about solar power

imagine biting into a chocolate bar that has the mouthfeel of a croissant...or a steak

Mar 26

relentlessly poking at the outer-verse and the inner-verse

imagine a souffle. now make it METAL and also PURPLE

trash to treasure, folks. that's where we're heading

well, that's a horrifying thought

the closer we get, the less selfish we are

Mar 22

our silly little monkey brain is easily fooled but that's a good thing considering how much our reality is shifting

cleaning up after ourselves is probably gonna take a generation or two, but that's no reason not to get started

it worked for my commodore 64 and it will work in space

ah, how charming. treating the poor like children that have to be taken care of instead of treating the rich like greedy children who need to learn the word 'no'

AKA "dont grocery shop when you're hungry"

Mar 17

finding the loopholes in reality itself is where we are as a species and that is too cool for school.

dear graphene, why are you so damn awesome and weird as hell at the same time?

one of the great tragedies of our species is how childhood trauma effects our biology in the long term. but we may be getting close to sorting that out.

well, we now have a study that supports variable time reinforcement schedules? you know, like early Skinner-ian behaviorism validated back in the 30's?

Mar 11

one of the responsibilities of being the apex predator is to caretake the things we predate upon

and yet another reason to be a-feared of The Depths

a soliton wave based warp bubble. that's pretty cool sci-fi, but i thi....wait....WHADDYA MEAN ITS NOT SCIFI??

the more we learn about neurodiversity, the less sense brain based arguments about AI make.

your internal monologue is a fairytale meant to make you feel things, not a logical sequence of cogent thoughts. so, yeah, cool it with the assumptions.

as far as a kludgey stack of semi-related systems go, the human body can probably stand to be tweaked a bit

NOW we're talking PROGRESS!!

step 1: figure out what is edible
step 2: figure out how to scale production of edible thing
(here's where the screw ups start)
step 3: figure out how to 'refine' the edible thing so that it can be scaled more easily (ex: strip the bran from cereals because it results in a more shelf-stable product)
step 4: ignore the health implications that such 'refinements' cause because hey man, don't worry about it, just look at the MONEY
step 5: figure out how to monetize the waste from refinement because hey man, MOAR MONEIS
step 6: ignore the people asking, "wait...couldn't we just go back to step 2?"

we used to solve brain things with mechanical changes (ex. electroshock and lobotomies). now we solve things in the brain with chemistry (ex.SRIs). we might be solving them with physics pretty soon

Mar 9

math is getting closer to quantifying sociology and i am HERE for it

if the world is as absurd as i suspect it to be, graphene's true power will only be discovered by DIY, hacky methods

wearables are about to get a whole LOT more precise

imagine a tricorder. now imagine a tricorder in your hand. congratulations, it's not Star Trek, it's tomorrow

wait...there are people who think the brain is efficient?? this horrid mass of fat and sugars?? efficient????

one man's trash is another man's...medicine?

Mar 6

and it's made of nougat??

why wear your gems on the outside?

electrocute THE MOON

hoodies + fungal ghosts = hoodies but, ya know, better?

Mar 2

maaaan, gender parity in the workplace is haaaaaaaard

a squishyFuture is just around the corner

again, this knowledge must be kept from the Lisa Frank people!

i am deeply excited to see where this kinda research takes us


so...if we got smarter because we were too focused on short term gains, has anything really changed?

squishyFuture sign


Feb 22

not just stacks of bacteria. stacks of bacteria with the sniffles

there will always be people who give their lives to keep something they care about alive. because that's what we do.

finding life 'out there' will probably get easier once we're done finding life 'right here'

driving on icy roads is pretty not fun but having your car yell at you for driving on icy roads...is still not fun?

scientific progress is a beautiful dance where we learn new steps everyday

our species may have gotten here by changing how we act and changing what we react to

the important part here isn't that we have reactive materials. the important part is that they are designed to react without input from a brain or a computer or anything really

having spent time debugging computer programs, i'd hate to see the bugs that come out of genetic programming

from the mouths of babes

closer and closer to meat mechanics

Feb 19

i dunno man, that just feels like postponing an inevitability right there

Lisa Frank + Twinkies = technicolor snackery

like a Roomba for your brain filth

Feb 17

i mean, 'life finds a way' and all, but holy hannah

"i caught a fish and it was THIS BIG"

because nothing bad has ever happened from transplanting a plant species as a foodstuff to the british isles

graphene + pretty patterns = better graphene

surface level weirdness

Feb 12

what you see isn't always what you think you see...see?

fatty painkillers? fine, fine, seems neat. now jam it into ice cream and you've got a real seller, boyo.

"thank you for applying for this managerial position. before we schedule an interview, we need a brain biopsy"

this may be the coolest aspect of our stupid meat suits

well, NO SHIT

blood-bourne bummers

"what the hell was that??" may be my second favorite science-y reaction. my first is "huh...that's weird"

Feb 5

oh look a huge component of our planet's history that has horrifying ramifications.

huzzah! graphene for win!

when 3D printing was a wee babe, this sort of thing wasn't even on the radar. that applies to almsot all new tech and that's pretty damn awesome

plant based economies might be more interesting than petrochemical based ones. which is as good a reason to give them a shot as any

it should be no surprise that an older system, which had more time to work out the kinks, works better

Feb 3

as an extant form of life, i think a healthy sense of awe (in the traditional meaning) is required for fungi

in a strange near future, St. Paddy's Day is also Covid-Test day

humans are just walking stacks of bacteria in denial...and there's not a lot [DAMN https://phys.org/news/2021-02-childhood-diet-lifelong-impact.html we can do about it]

a strange, awesome future awaits us al.....fuck what's in my EYE

bacterial plastics? sure, let's try that. see through wood? why not?

my hopes that we, as a species and as individuals, could be better as a result of the pandemic were naive at best, but i kinda had some backing to it


Jan 28

on balance, for every 'holy crap how dumb are we?' there are 'oh holy crap, we're pretty dang smart'. at least that's what i choose to believe.

inflammation may be tied to a lot more tomfoolery than earlier suspected. i mean, a lot more

once again, we fail to ask the most important question: how's it taste??

noooow we're talking. this is (probably) the quantum computing breakthrough i was looking for

ya ever read a study and go, "man, you must not know a lot of potheads"?

thought follows language

turns out elephants are fuggin SHREDDED

here come the grizzlars!

Jan 20

self-replicating robots sans nanotech? how cool is that??

there are staggering implications to this. on a simple note, imagine if surfaces glowed when they were disinfecting themselves by emitting both UV-C and visible light photons at the same time.

well, that hurts my brain and i love it

bridging the quantum-classical gap, to make better phones and tablets is a surefire way to get the funding you need to crack that nut. because capitalism, like democracy, is a terrible machine but its the best we have (so far)

there is a future, a near one, where being a little chubby is exactly what the doctor ordered

someday, a really good night's sleep will be as easy as one, two, sleep paralysis

this happens when physicists try to solve governance problems. maybe something useful from their perspective, but something wholly incompatible with the way PEOPLE actually work

honestly? i thought one of the mxenes would have gotten here before aerogels

on the one hand, how fucking cool is this?! on the other hand, i can guarantee that these method will result in strange missing components to the end product. it's damn near impossible to replicate a complex system, especially if all you look at are outputs.

more evidence for "one man's trash"

that's almost a Baader–Meinhof sitch right there.

firmly ensconced in the NO DUH category of findings

ye gods! i remember when 144K was super fast!

Jan 13

hot? cold? does it matter?

no great problem has a simple solution. but most great problems were simple solutions.

for me, there is nothing more thrilling than realizing you live in times when sci-fi and reality are next door to each other

as much as i despise using machine learning based correlations to determine causal realtionships with...fucking anything?...this feels like a finger pointing at the moon. "We find that under some conditions (large enough success rate of informed agents and intermediate taste for popularity), both social learning's higher accuracy and the taste for original opinions are evolutionary-stable, within a mutually beneficial division of labour-like equilibrium. When such conditions are not met, the system most often converges towards mutually detrimental equilibria"

fungal 3-d printed sound proofing

one man's junk is another man's clock




Dec 25

success in academia vs developing a skill shouldn't be two different things, but such is the current state of things

change blindness is not just a visual problem, and neither is self-awareness

see, this is what i mean by humans acting like apex predators!

oh look...cyborgs

you know, i used to be downright panicked about global warming about 20 years ago. well, global warming and megasquid. im still panicked but now, it's like the fear of death. inevitable, and definitely getting closer.

Dec 18

so, the thing we call sweet corn is basically a radiation induced mutation crossbred into something more stable. well, looks like we're taking rice down that path too.

meds like glue traps in your bloods and passive EKG leads that talk to your phone are pretty close to being a Thing

control your insectoid minions with your mind!

hope you're ready for graphene literally everywhere

the more science has a sense of humor, the better i feel about our species

soon, molecules will be like Legos

its remarkable that an ape with such shitty processing is an apex species

Dec 14

information pollen and [invisible sensors https://phys.org/news/2020-12-imperceptible-electronics.html] and other tiny forms of sparkly, shape-shifting, shiny madness

first werewolves and now this??

we were heading towards needing fully cyclic economies before covid, but im not sure we'll get there. a population dip tends to make efficiency less important than rebuilding.

i am often floored to think about what we as a species have accomplished. for fucks sake, we know how stars work even while dealing with photo sensitive organs that record everything upside down and with shitty resolution.

hibernation be damned, i just wanna nap REAL HARD

Dec 10

disagreements are how we get closer to a truth, but that doesn't mean you get to be a dick about it

motherhood is a form of epigenetic mutation. and that's a good thing.

oh thank god! i was getting sick and tired of "the brain is the mind" arguments

this is 100% not surprising but, holy fuck, it's necessary ammunition

how are humans and dolphins alike? the answer will disgust you!

the crazed brilliant scientist still exists. case in point: "Minions! Gather and marvel at my SANDCASTLE!"

im not saying that we're heading straight towards the "stay at home and let your robot do the dangerous stuff" but the planet's on fire, new horror-diseases are cropping up, robotics are replacing line workers, and then there's this

now that's fuckin beautiful: "The more we understand about the brain, the more humble we become about how little insight we have on what's happening inside that dark cranial box"

i guess no one on the research board that approved this waste of funding is an immigrant?

naps are super duper important

well, that's gonna make the next 15-20 years realllllly interesting

a deeply integrated squishyFuture

Dec 7

barely out of the trees and we were helping each other

when the going gets tough, the tough get weird

i don't expect food replicators will be a Thing in my lifetime, but i clearly underestimated the "What if Legos were Edible?" crowd

less "is your refrigerator running" and more "have you hugged your fridge today"

the idea that there is a 'true' self is something that children and idiots believe. and, oh look, here's some data to support that.

a whole new meaning to the phrase, "i heard you coming"

given my arachnid response to coaxial cable, this has my emotions all over the place

this shit was driving me up the wall so i'm glad to see some folks pulling back from it

Dec 2

so wait, the whole pain box-Gom Jabbar thing was unnecessary??

it might be that having a good memory makes you a worse learner

have you tried turning it off and on again?

no one in training or education is surprised that faster feedback produces faster learning

hyper-financialization (my definition: when financial services drive businesses decisions as opposed to the other way around) allows corporate social irresponsibility to become a lending game, not a punishment game

as with any 'invasive' species, the only question i ask is, "how does it taste?" (look, we eliminated entire biomes for snacks, might as well use that intentionally, no?)

biotech was rolling along, picking up speed before COVID. now, it's hitting that sweet little inflection point where we might start seeing the squishyFuture in our lifetimes

i dunno about you, but that sounds like 'grand civic works' levels of spending to me. you know, the same thing that economies have done to dig themselves out of a massive depression when they have a central bank and fiat currency and realize the blowback from warfare is far too substantial.


Nov 30

sparkly, yet technologically advanced

an interesting development for the coming water wars

oh...oh that's just horrifyingly body-horror-ish

this leads to an answer to the question of mindfullness and its apparent impacts on anxiety

OH...oh that's an interesting perspective on time, space, and memory

the first critter that adapted to use oxygen as a fuel, when every other critter treated it as a poison, teaches us something important about adaptation

well, this is gonna make a bunch of meatheads skip their sub-zero post-workout booths for an MRI

"judging by the cell sample, you failed to pay the licensing fee to consume our specialty brand of cereal. you will be fined for copyright violation"

i hope our species survives long enough for this kind of crap to be as boring and everyday as the radio

Nov 25

aaaay macarena

this first time you walk into an empty field, it seems dead and silent. if you stand there and wait, you eventually notice that it's actually teeming with life. the opposite is true of a quantum vacuum

theres a bit of poetry in the idea of foraging in the wake of bison

oooh, yeah here comes robotofication!

one step closer to figuring out how the hell a ball of goo makes pretty pictures

if this doesn't become the new normal, we kinda screwed up a little

friendship stinks

Nov 19

using your sweat to become less sweaty

social mobility is probably the easiest indicator for future political instability. i submit the 2016 and 2020 elections vs this study

well, crap...looks like hierarchies are actually pretty useful for complex systems...which really offends my inner punk.

oh look, someone said it out loud

oh, well, that's at least something to look forward to?

almost 80% of the conversations i have with tech-bros could be curtailed with this fun story

oh thank god an off switch!

Nov 13

broken bone? torn ligaments? someone literally tore out your heart? slather this here ooze on it

we just figured out that you taste with all of your brain, that sensory perception and action are waay more complex, but we're still trying to categorize all the stuff in the squishy pudding that runs this meat show.

Nov 5

AND THERE IT IS...the beautiful nail in the coffin of "current general AI is in our reach"

these two of data should help to inform your perspective on economic trends, no?

feeling like a loser? that's just neuronal entrainment, cuh. maybe you need a model-based method of learning

yeasty acid vats? ...i mean...that's how you get supervillians but okay i guess

gonna have a helluva lot more wooden houses being built

you know, i was just getting comfortable with the whole "humans are just walking stacks of bacteria" concept and now i gotta fold in the whole "birds are just flying stacks of bacteria"?? what's next the whole damn planet??

the separation of labor by gender is waaaaaay more recent than you might think


Oct 30

not nature vs nurture but nature+nuture

M.I.A voice: live fast, die young, damselfish do it well

tell me again how humans haven't been evolving based off your limited perspective of what evolution should be doing vs what it's actually doing?

nothing thrills me more than people finding a law and breaking it's kneecaps with a sweet crossover

there's feeling of vindication when you realize your gut responses which seem irrational at the time are actually a healthy response to being manipulated

being able to tell what behaviors are affected in what ways by which drugs? a great breakthrough! how could it go all pear-shaped on us? using it to figure out the best drugs for your problem will be the first step. then using it to define your problem as aberrant. then using it to identify those who are neuro-atypical. and now we're getting into badges and permanent records and "govt sponsored enclaves". not saying that's what's gonna happen. not even saying that it's likely to happen. but if you don't account for how something could be misused, you're pretty much ignoring human behavior.

Oct 23

written language was a massive technological jump for our species and it looks like it rewrote parts of our brain. that said, for every study showing that X component of the brain correlates with Y ability a comment that people hemispherectomies can adapt to the loss of HALF THEIR BRAINS should be made.

working in groups makes [generosity make sense https://phys.org/news/2020-10-big-hearted-corvids.html].

send a thief to catch a thief

a time will come when people who take estrogenics will pee into sturgeon ponds to help make caviar

Oct 20

now that is a chewy bit of gristle

ringing in the ears? here, listen to some vaporwave and suck on these electrodes.

huh well that's interesting. i guess they just learned to AVOID THE DANGEROUS APES

giving deeper credence to the argument, "weight loss starts in the kitchen not the...GET OUT OF THE PANTRY"

iron brain?

your brain is stupid and you shouldn't trust it

getting close to making computronium! just a few short, and super weird steps!

Oct 13

dyslexia is tricky, but english is tricksiests

"we can model the human brain in computers!" "i dunno...that seems a little far-fetched." "you just don't understand the leaps we've made in quantum computing and AI and..." "i dunno was just the nice way of saying NOPE DUMMY WE STILL HAVENT FIGURED OUT THE BRAIN"

its actually a little exhausting to have to keep saying this but, as long as we exist in scarcity-based capitalist economies, C.R.E.A.M. will apply.

in a very near future, electroshock will be required

WASPS...good god y'all...what are they good for? turning " venom toxins into promising antibiotic candidates"...SAY IT AGAIN

plasma disinfection sounds like a Star Trek thing, but here we are

Oct 8

"im not sure what hit me officer but it smelled like ...cookies?"



Sep 28

insert spiderman meme.....NOW

see, we just figured out that astrocytes were super important for brain functions, yet all the "oh, we can have a human equivalent intelligence soon because we can model neurons in chipsets" haven't quite grasped the situation. we have no bloody clue how the heck this lump of pudding works. stop using it as a benchmark. just make with the faster computers so i can finally run crysis on my wristwatch!

finally...an excuse for how i spent my 20's! ...okay and my 30's.

follow a bit, be solo a bit, but do neither too much.

it ain't pretty but almost nothing that really matters is.

Sep 24

skyrmions might help us keep Moore's Law unbroken

(bacteria hurt human > human make antibiotic > bacteria makes antibiotic resistance > human uses different antibiotic > bacteria makes different resistance) is the cycle we're in. this is just an extension of that cycle, not a breaking of it.

biofilms and biofouling is a massive problem that might be resolved by ... a nice cuppa?

food from thin air...literally

let's review: diamonds aren't really that big of a deal, but DeBeers, through marketing and monopoly, made consumers think so. but diamonds are crucial to science and manufacturing and other non-consumer spaces. so science, when faced with a commercial blockade, did an end around to make its own. and now we're at the point where a vat of goo spits out diamonds. if you need me, ill be out back laughing hysterically over 'diamonds are forever'

oooh that explains almost TOO much

the most 'sacred' traditions are rationalizations to explain why 'a thing' is 'something we do'. so, tradition is basically the dead saying, "because i said so!" to the kids

Sep 23

in some version of the future, a bubbling cauldron is the sign of a witch or an engineer. you know, an engi-witch...or witch-gineer?

AR and VR are gonna get a lot easier/pervasive/uncanny like valleys with this sort of thing

OH...oh now this...THIS is a serious contender for the Next Thing

its weird to think of it this way, but humans are the least threatening apex predator

Sep 15

of course, this comes out at the end of skeeter season

i, for one, look forward to Kai Greene being out of this world in actual fact, not just in his amazing art

the fact that bagpipes are used as the header image makes me giggle

has anyone seen my coffee?

25K per sample of moon rocks? that's gold rush triggering money, right there.

soon, "on the blink" might mean "it's working"

Sep 7

how you measure a thing dictates if you think that thing exists. so the real question is, how do you measure things?

competition makes everything better. diversity and competition makes it better-er. competition between peers results in a sturdier system. remember that when you look at CEOs and Boards of monopolistic companies (FAANGs por ejemplo)

not exactly quantum computing but i suspect a far more likely successor to microelectronics

the idea of reducing risk-taking in adolescence is fundamentally stupid. adolescents are supposed to be risk-takers. it's supposed to be a time in your life when you question everything you were taught and settle on the things you want to do. the learned behavior of your childhood has to be broken in order for you to become a self-actualized adult. the kids need to break stuff and set fires, or we, as a species, will stagnate.

laundry machines are gonna have to get a lot weirder when you don't just lose a sock, but reconstruct the Parthenon in your rinse cycle.

the fact this leap in BCI was because we slowed down the AI to work at human speeds further indicates that the true leaps in AI won't come from doing things faster, but from doing things at human speeds and augmenting them.

Sep 1

neat. now do this but to pencils!

stacks of bacteria is gonna describe more than humans, pretty soon

not for nothing, but this is gonna make fast fashion even worse

but won't anyone think of the manufacturers of literal poison?

brains are real weird and really, really bad at stuff but you can work on that.

live shows are gonna get real weird in the near-future

molecular power storage

i guess you do know kung-fu

yup, that's it, we've hit squishyFuture right in the face


Aug 26

this is the kind of revelation that turns textbooks into compost

the stupid brain and it's stupid bits and all the stupid crap around it's functioning is stupid but there's hope. like, addressing your depression shouldn't mean potential suicide and we're working on fixing that. we're learning how to copy-paste, and reboot the damn thing. but we're still figuring out it's limitations and well, more limitations.

slightly electric everything

there is absolutely, positively, no conceivable way this could be used for horrible reasons

anti-vitamins are gonna be a neat little solution but storing them next to my Flintstones might cause an explosion

no one tell the panspermia crowd!

Aug 13

tunable materials will transform the very nature of physical objects and our relationship with them to the point where even the most basic insults will become meaningless (ex: "dumb as a brick")

once again, I am reminded of the wise words of Smith, Woods, and Hunter from the seminal work "C.R.E.A.M"

"Hey baby, you tryna model a 2-body particle collision in those pants or are you just happy to see me?"

black lights for black ops

if the past not fixed, then there's no reason not to work towards a better present and future.

Aug 11

"hey, look what I can do" has ancient roots

not only does life find a way, we're learning how it do it that way, how we can do it too but better, and smarter[7][8][9]

programable matter, programmable matter everywhere[10][11][12][13][14]

nothing says, "i don't understand long-term effects" like "we should defund teachers when funds get tight" or "you know what schools need? armed police officers."

Aug 5

an atlas....for when your thoughts take a weird turn

sometimes all it takes is an extra point of data

we put kids through systems that don't work because that's how it didn't work for us and thats just lazy

send them to Baltimore....we know how to handle that problem!!

oh science, you heartless bastard........i love you


behold! the reason you have a limited number of fucks to give!

you had ONE job!


Jul 30

stink science

one step closer to full fledged BCI and desktop quantum computers

my favorite kind of science is the kind that goes, "oh that's...that's not right, is it?"[15][16]

squishy tech is gettin' real close and real weird[17][18][19]

emergent complexity comes from tiny behaviors

Jul 24

isn't it great that we have a pile of fat, that responds to being smacked, and thrives on thicc-ness?

i still find it amazing that people think we can control our thoughts, regardless of repeated proofs to the contrary

FINALLY i might just get that web shooter i've always wanted

man, wearables are gonna get real weird

hoooo boy, color me concerned.[20][21]

just a reminder, amidst everything else, that harder times are a-comin'

can we just agree that graphene is the chicken of materials? i mean, we're hitting some real weird 2D stuff and finding weird ways to make or even understand 3D stuff, but graphene keeps coming up with new weird uses.

knowing the unknown knowns doesn't really seem like a knowable thing to know.....ya know?


Jul 20

in 2016, the United States Library of Congress contained 15 million digital objects in 2016, comprising over 7 petabytes of digital data. All of that could be stored in something roughly the size of a US nickel.

i volunteer my doggo's leavin's for the good of the land

whole new kind of viral media

building a better mousetrap? expect better mice

photons and phonons, oh my

it's kinda funny how we keep trying to be stewards of nature without acknowledging how many eons it didn't really need us to steward anything or how much we've radically changed the environment

especially in the case of eye witnesses, only relying on memory is the first sign of stupidity

Jul 9

this has been covered repeatedly in sci-fi but no one asked the weird nerds what they think

"highly confined light could also alter the inherent properties of materials"

i've always wanted ambulances to sound like a metalcore breakdown. **squueeeedly squueeeedly squueeeedly JUN JUN JUN GET OUT OF THE WAY JUN JUN JUN GET OUT OF THE WAY squueeeedly squueeeedly squueeeedly**

literally magic pixie dust....but, you know....like...Real

so, what you're saying is, you Feel it in your bones?

tiny tiny crumple zones

yo dawg, we heard you liked materials based advances in technology so we put an advanced material in your advanced material

silencing a gene for therapeutic purposes is a powerful sign of personalized medicine

when you measure success with a metric, you eventually treat the metric itself as proof of success...you know...if you're an idiot

Jul 3

metascience is the next great challenge

perpetual AR is coming and i guarantee it's gonna be a lot less cool than Black Mirror led you to believe.

ultra super diamonds!

do your part for the future of technology. eat more shrimp

fully cyclic

the mechanics of the mind has a lovely ring to it

if you look hard enough, there are strangely beautiful pockets in reality that blow past art and land squarely in philosophy[22][23]

but "did you see that ludicrous display last night?"[24]

yeah, this perovskite business is really gonna hit critical mass soonish

the price of progress has to be paid, eventually.

zen buddhism was/is right

Jul 1

we jammed electrodes in brains so we could figure out how the fuck they make decisions. truly, we live in glorious science times

oooohhh, preeeety

not so much with the work/life balance, much more with the work/life boundaries

unintended side effects? nooo, ya don't sayyyyy

so fried chicken is authentically chinese?

i, for one, want this as a hoodie

theres a fart joke in here somewhere, i just know it

our ape-like urge to conform is the result of generations of social conditioning and evolution. which is stupid and something to fight against.

tick spit to help horse-y melanomas? that's not the weirdest thing this year but it's up there


Jun 26

complex processing can occur without awareness and we outsource a lot of our complex thoughts so 'you' may not be entirely 'you' and that Buddha guy may have been onto something

neat implications for superconductors, but super dope implications for summer wardrobes

there is no way this will not have hideous long term consequences, but will they be worse than the hideous short term consequences?

rewriting the definition of metal[25] and impact[26], much like Ice-T did with Body Count

same alphabet, different words => same words, different sentences

light powered disk writes might make SSD look like tape drives

an interesting question: is social media really that different than other forms of media? (ex: the use of televised media to communicate the narrative about the Vietnam War vs the use of social media to communicate any current narrative.)

steering by stink[27][28]

each time we push back the starting point for when humans became advanced tool users, it puts the so-called break neck speed of technological advances into perspective. and honestly, we should be a lot further along by now.

there is a future where my knees don't sound like rice krispies in milk

Jun 18

we look into the past with eyes made of technology

trees as power plants?

cancer hates raves?

the return of coal?

"Our brain needs rewards to motivate us, but also challenges"[29][30][31]

Jun 8

when people argue against gene editing[]https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-06-base-recessive-genetic-deafness-partial.html], i think of them as the persecutors of Semmelweis[32]

the next time someone tries to argue that responding from a place of panic is an acceptable excuse, remind them that that such illogical behavior can be seen in ants.[33] and their argument relies on humans being that simple.


May 28

how many tech cycles before someone can walk into a deli and say, "bacon egg and cheese, tomato, pepper, and firmware updates for my glucometer ".

hiding from radar seemed like magic, but now it's just facts. hiding from earthquakes is gonna take that same trajectory

neat, terrifying, awe-inspiring all seem like tiny tiny words to express these sorts of scientific facts / existential revelations

May 25

your brains' all messed up. we gonna yell at it.

"it's nothin' personal. Big Jim just wants to send a message. You don't have his pollen, so I gotta stab ya."

there's a joke about millennials in here but there's a bigger joke for people who make fun of 'the youths'

it's actually not worth worrying about how the planet will handle global warming.[34][35][36] whether or not human civilization will handle it, now that's something to worry about.

ice is weird, man[37][38]

May 19

between optogenetics and photon-based artificial neuron communication, the future's looking awfully bright

self healing tires are just the tip of the iceberg. the rest of it is the death of planned obsolescence.

May 15

a whole helluva lotta perovskite stuff is a-coming

what ails thee, frail being? that you cannot see, but can hear? that you cannot walk, but can breathe? ...yeah don't worry about that, mang[39][40]

from plants to humans, sexual differences play a part.

no one tell the tinfoil hat crowd, but mind control rays? kinda feasible

May 14

an incremental step towards a strange Future is the near-natural, nature-adjacent things that are starting to crop up.

that's not to say a squishyFuture isn't gonna happen, per se, but it might have company

May 12

this is so romantic i think i puked in my mouth a little

yeah, yeah, graphene is cool...but have you heard about perovskites??

when memresistors get scaled up, we are gonna see a whole new set of problems (after we solve a bunch of current problems)

there might be something to be said about our role as apex predators. not so much as 'stewards' but as components in a massive feedback loop that benefits or punishes our ability to work within in.

May 11

given the recent problems/conundrums of the first half of 2020, it's easy to see the failed experiments and the flawed mythologies and lament. but easy is just another word for lazy. we still exist on the cusp of stranger Presents that use ancient skills and weirder possibilities unheard of in everyday discourse and just, plain neat stuff. keep that in mind when someone tells you they know what the future holds, for good or for ill.

there is a liminal reality we inhabit but do not experience. the tech exists to let us in but there isn't a way to commodify such things...yet

just rushing headlong into computronium territory, aren't we?

May 7

there are going to be really weird questions in the future about Sonic

if we could use ATP to power something that we add to the body, is it now an organ or is it still tech or is this cyborg?

the strange leaps forward in what it means to be Clean might result in us looking at soap the way we used to look at not using soap

the unbearable lightness of air

science moves forward all the time, nothing should be assumed to be true, and that even the most educated practitioners are fumbling in the velvety dark that surrounds our tiny flickering existence

i think im just gonna stop talking about the squishyFuture because honestly its just too damn obvious at this point

May 5

3D printing was weird fringe-y stuff years ago. Now it's more ubiquitous but it's not 'connected' per se. But soon, it will be

some bacteria pick a different meal and you get a cloudy day

May 4

That's Doctor Crystal DJ to you, sir!

sweet squishyFuture!

May 1

extra super squishyFuture

also a squishy future, but its not squishyFuture

"Igoshin said the symmetry "wasn't that hard to prove, but no one noticed it before."" which is my second favorite science Thing. my most favorite is "it was a complete accident and we don't know why it works"


Apr 29th

the beautiful soft glow of memories in the squishyFuture

a new future for the old filthy resources

that's actually super romantic

it's weird how things need space to really do their best. wonder if that works for people.

everything is just stacks of bacteria. people are just stupid stacks of bacteria.

there is so much to unpack here if these findings translate to humans.

tiny robots with shrew-d spinal columns

a reversion to the Old Ways

Apr 24th

surface and resurface tech is gonna be a real big deal, real, real soon

when squishyFuture meets Plastics! you get this ultraweirdness

huh, so biodiversity? not that diverse

Apr 22nd

naps are the most important thing for your health. it's just science!

cool, oddly-powered technodust

neat end run around antibiotic resistance

Apr 20th

not what you say but how you say it

brain-computer interfaces are almost here!!

thirsty taters is sick taters

is there anything graphene can't do??

Apr 17th

as a lifelong hater of gym class, i feel personally attacked by these findings

just how inefficient is a lack of global cooperation? we only need "about half the present cropland...to produce the same amounts of major crops"

untouched wildernesses that are fully optimal, regularly harvested farms maintained by biorobotics.

i think the real lesson is that power corrupts and different cultures have learned how to deal with that corruption.

i don't wanna go full foglet but i'm real likely to jam a colony of makers in a molar....you know, when we have functional nanotech

Apr 16th

always-on[41][42], always-active, always-processing technology almost fact at this point. but what we will be able to do with tiny bubbles is straight up WIZARDRY

Apr 10th

these sorts of cyclic economies will have to be the new normal, if we can all agree that monoculture based, efficiency focused economies are fragile and oh my god how can you not agree and DUDE, ELEPHANTS!!

learning to do more with less is something natural processes have evolved to do. partially because efficient enough is good enough, but mostly because too efficient is failure writ large. but that's not to say that, as a species, we can sometimes surpass natural processes

diagnostic exhalation and anti-pain rays might be coming to a hospital near you

Apr 7th

true for birds, true for peeps

such an elegant fucking language we speak, eh?

the future of space trash

genetic circuit diagrams are gonna be a lot harder to read than electrical ones

if these can scale, they'll be at the entrance of almost every public, and eventually private, building and then there'll be UV resistance on top of antibiotic resistance

one day, to get your passwords, someone's gonna have to gut you

looks like all life is just a support system for stacks of microbes

Apr 6th

a return to the 90's version of a dystopic cyberpunk aesthetic

viral dark matter sounds like a terrible 90's album.

TIL that concrete is the most consumed thing after water. and that steeping steel in sewage surprisingly makes superior slag

Apr 3rd

the inherent strangeness of sensation

stupid brain can't tell the difference between 'not enough food' and 'existential angst'


Mar 31st

i can't be the only one who finds this funny. it's not just me, right?

always on, as long as you are connected, madness

bouncy sidewalks sounds like an invitation for more joggers. which i am not for. but also sounds like less Olds breaking their hip because some yahoo on a electric scooter didn't care enough to pay attention. which i am for.

Mar 27th

maybe it's not just a squishy future but a graphene infused squishy future?

yes yes yes the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, of course....but what if you could snort them!?!

true in monkeys, but really shouldn't be true in people

Mar 26th

we changed the world and fed the hungry and now there's consequences to face.

"...imported extremism can survive for generations and does not fade away" so do your part today! punch a nazi! (or any convenient fascist, really)


your next smartwatch will have a lot more to say about your snacking habits

Mar 25th

i think we can all admit that commodity-level, widespread usage of graphene has yet to be a Thing, but at this point, I'm a little annoyed it hasn't

which makes me think a squishy Future is even further away, like the smart kid at the back of the class waving frantically to get the teacher's attention

Mar 23rd

crystal energies, man...like, totally where its at, maaaaan

i have always feared Cephalod Menace, and for good reason!

Mar 19th

teaching is not that difficult. teaching well is a nightmarish conundrum wrapped in a paradox made of non-Euclidean horrors

focusing on the benefits instead of the costs is actually a pretty solid way to frame your efforts, in general

Mar 18th

like a banana in cancer's tailpipe

its not that loners are beneficial, necessarily, but they are natural

Mar 15th

a truly fascinating aspect of the brain is how sleep and memory are related

crime is not about choice

not only does life find a way, but man, it's a lot faster at it that humans are.

Mar 12th

if reframing "save the trees, man" as "cost effective resource utilization" is what it takes, then let the reframing commence, dang it!

"people who are unpleasant, who are not afraid of conflicts and who show a certain anti-conformity have better protected brains. In addition, this protection takes place precisely in the memory circuits that are damaged by Alzheimer's disease"

Mar 6th

i am troubled by the implications of this study. if true for humans, and boy oh boy that's a big if, then the number of individuals in a given population is effectively random. You could have entire families who have never considered individualism to be a concept then, poof, a tiny human goes, "wait a minnit is this....are we all cool with this?" which either results in a radical shift in the family or, far more likely, tiny human getting stoned to death for being possessed or the social equivalent of the era.

can you imagine how nutso bananas the world would be if we still supported nutso bananas people like Einstein and Turing? OH WAIT WE DO

we store memories in patterns of salt in a fatty grey lump and that's waaaay too cool.

think daisycutter mines, but really really small

do you want space arks? cuz this is how you get space arks!

Mar 5th

I've made this argument, poorly, for years. my version of it distills to: "look, i'm sorry that what i said offended you. i didn't mean it that way and i apologize if it came off like that. that said, no, im not going to change the way i say that in the future because i can't be sure that such a change won't offend someone else. so, in the future, before you think i'm offending you, know that it's just my way of speaking." and at that point, depending on the level of closeness, i then insult them.

"Whatever the motive, that we share a mechanism that prevents antisocial behavior with rats is extremely exciting to me. We can now use all the powerful tools of brain science to explore how to increase harm aversion in antisocial patients." Not saying Thoughtcrime is about to be enforceable....but yeah, that's getting real close.

not saying that this is probably why a low carb diet worked better on me than any other kind...but i did eat butter out of the fridge when i was a kid

better together and worse together

i feel personally attacked...and also a little jittery

Mar 4th

the deeper you feel love, the deeper your need for revenge

this illustrates a larger problem. If you think that a bird is using higher math to solve a problem, you're obviously wrong. The bird cannot conceive of 'probabilities' but it can understand more vs less. and the same can be said about human cognition but we just don't wanna admit it

nature teaches us that chaos plus adaptation is less brittle than pure order

oh joy, we found a way to address genetic drives in a way that delays horrible consequences.

now THIS will truly impact climate change. going vegan? statistically irrelevant.

sound and light and lasers and a bright neon Lisa Frank-enstein Future is a coming

garlic? asafoetida? corn starch? are we making pakoras or killing skeeters? WAIT, BOTH??

so we feed these little critters plastic shopping bags and they poop out antifreeze

...not gonna lie this doesn't really sound like a problem-problem, more like a not-even-really-a-problem

it seems like there's something like inertia with temperature?

Mar 3rd

the best kinds of questions are the weirdest

seriously? is technology just madlibs now?

ah, paradox.

spare tires lead to brain fires.

thermal camo seems like a really neat way to get hit by a self-driving car

Mar 2nd

i really like the argument this book/site makes but i wonder if the path forward espoused requires more clarity of thought from the kind of people who are clinically incapable of such things.

ancient Squishy Future echoes

herds, schools, flocks, voting groups, etc etc, it all comes down to who you choose to follow


Feb 28th

How bad at stuff is your brain? Real bad at seeing stuff and it uses the parts of you that move stuff to make decisions that don't even involve moving because hey, why not?

if we train a group of people to enforce the law, we are teaching them to use force to support a law. then, why is it surprising that they use force?

you know, sometimes i wonder how thesis defenses sound. "So you studied....make outs?" "Yes." "...PhD awarded."

now this is what we should expect AI to give us

there may come a day when you can start and stop a habit with your smartphone

the water wars are juuuuust around the bend

the new economies are going to be low waste economies

Feb 27th

ain't nature grand? oh, and also horrifying.

this is my favorite kind of science. not "huzzah"", but "wait, that can't be right"

Squishy AI and Squishy Power are coming

Feb 26th

it seems that we adapt to our environment, not to the challenges we face from each other

focusing on the bottom line shouldn't mean ignoring all the line items above it

Feb 25th

more snake bots with snake thoughts

industrial diamond production has always seemed like DeBeer's worst nightmare. Now more than ever.

i hope to live long enough to see a general understanding that our problems are us

this seems like the flip side to Takotsubo cardiomyopathy

key phrase: "evolution does not invariably mean becoming more complex"

Feb 24th

I wrote a little bit about this in another article, but the simplest version is as follows: you are terrible at thinking about abstracts. this includes feelings, intentions, etc. whether they are in your head or in someone else's. you are pretty great at thinking about concrete things. so, don't focus on abstracts, focus on the concrete


FINALLY, someone wrote it down. i really hope we can start using a different vocabulary when talking about AI/ML versus biological systems so we can do away with the general AI quest

sticky AND Squishy future

your brain treats depression the same way it does a cold.

the kids are totally all right

super tiny Squishy? or something completely different?

Feb 21st

"we can save the world with this miracle product!" is the battlecry of the well-meaning, yet woefully naive

its so neat when a better solution is actually the result of reimagining the problem



a possible Sprout: discussions around the the environmental state of the world are now too big for most people so a lot more time and energy will be spent on the environmental state of their own homes

doggos literally love you

as any adopted kid will tell you, father and biological father aren't the same thing

it is the height of childishness that NASA isn't treating its astronauts like adults

suddenly I am reminded of S3:E12 of Star Trek: Voyager (not the weakest of the Treks but a far cry from DS9, the king of the Treks)

buying stuff is hard, if you're trying to pay attention to the impact of your purchases. i prefer the "well, maybe i don't need a thing" route. it is lazier and so am i.

okay, now that's a cool function of this pile of fatty tissue that fills our skulls

Feb 6th

fungal invisibility cloak sounds like a really bad album title

stacks on stacks on stacks, y'all

i grew up eating with my hands and can confirm these findings

ah, free will, the illusion thereof, and the persistent existence of...thereof?

Feb 4th

it might be that our species got to where we are when we stopped helping just those people that look like us, and started helping those that acted and thought like us.

shoes are weird. like, historically so.

the secret to artificial skin? gluten.

as an immigrant, it shocked me that some americans don't know that the legal system isn't here to protect. it's here to punish.


Jan 30th

it's just a short hop from this to Cream of Wheat from the Matrix.

We might just get a Nuclear Age, folks.

Jan 29th

Whelan's work was a key selling point for teenaged reader me, because LOOKIT DRAGON. old me is awash with feelings about this

math is weird and fun and illogical and totes logical

the brain's reactions to damage to the body and the brain's general tomfoolery makes me wonder how the hell we managed to get past controlling fire

i never needed an excuse to eat more crabs, but ill do my part for a better tomorrow

our attitudes can make the past real, fictional, or the future

welp, time to sit back and call this little problem solved, eh? might as well fire up a relaxing movie like Jurassic Park, eh?

i don't count people as individuals til they get out of adolescence. why? not all of their brain is on yet. until then, they're response engines that tell you more about the people around them than themselves.

Jan 28th

the flipside to the Hawthorne effect is that sometimes the observed break your nose

"Among both advantaged and disadvantaged groups, contact predicted greater willingness to work in solidarity to achieve greater social equality"
In other words, get out of your social circle and mingle if you want to see a better world.

my fear of the Cephalopod Menace is only deepened

Jan 27


i don't think we spend nearly enough time or energy eating invasive species

see, Nature, that's just rude so we're gonna have to step it up a notch

Jan 24

conspicuous consumption's side effect is usually debt slavery. but, it won't feel like slavery as long as you don't pay attention

sonic manipulation vs optical manipulation of super tiny stuff may not be an either/or proposition

its gonna be fun watching nation states argue about borders when the difference between "over here" and "over there" is food vs no food

i am reminded of being forced to do long division because i wouldn't have a calculator in my pocket.

if you aren't worried about the coronavirus or stuff like this, might I suggest the Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton?

Jan 23

your brain is not like a truck. it's a series of tubes.

phone dying? take a lap

it kinda makes sense that as the seas rise, we start spending more time in them

legal battles over climate change seem a little, well, silly? whatever happened to good old fashioned riots and violence?

like biological Legos

Jan 22

gonna need an Energy Star label for that particle accelerator

hate smelling all nice and flowery? prepare for skeeters!

turns out bees don't like it when things are too sweet. i get that, but...ya know...Krispy Kreme, man.

Jan 21

[well, we ARE the apex predator so this would track

i grew up adding MSG to my eggs and this pleases me

Jan 20

naps are the thing i miss the most

funny how complex natural systems are. funnier how people think we can do geo-engineering with our paltry understanding of said systems.

post world war 2, conspicuous consumption powered economies. then hyper-financialization powered economies. so, while no one was looking, conspicuous consumption became less cool

what made a species pervasive and robust can also make it fragile and extinguishable

the best worlds are full of weird

Jan 16

Investments like this and DARPA's xenobots are nation state's way of saying, "oh, wait...yeah this might be important down the line.

biomimicry is ubiquitous, but it until we hit full Squishy Future, it won't be nearly as obvious

Jan 15

peak absurdism is watching huge swaths of society realize that we are already over the cliff and plummeting, but unwilling to accept that we are doing it using the same toolsets that made us the apex species on the planet

i am suddenly reminded of every microwave mishap i've ever had

Jan 13

there's a great horror movie pitch in this one
"For a thousand years they slumbered...dreaming of the bodies they drained....of the creatures that served them...of the uncontrollable suffering they caused.
Now, they're awake again...and they want blood!"
cue splash screen, roll title card, Fleas!, etc, etc

"so yelling at it makes it stronger?" "well, that's a gross oversimpli..." "guess my old man was right,huh?" "dude...you wanna talk or something?"

when fashion runs headlong into the decay of nation states, this kinda stuff will be in hoodies.

a boon to people who cannot exercise and an solution rife with horrible side effects for people who choose not to exercise

turns out reefs really like clicking popping super loud noises
.....can Skrillex save the coral reefs?

Jan 9

by turning phones into a 'here there be humans' marker you solve the autonomous car crushes human problem. then, the people who don't want their phone to be publicly accessible transponder or those who cannot afford lavish technology like smartphones can be run over without guilt, right?

network effects explain, possibly, a little too much?

microplastics are going to be a new bugaboo[43] so expect a lot of ads for water filtration to hit your retinas/eardrums shortly.


better than humming to yourself?

i, for one, sweat profusely when encountering the police so...plenty of sampling options?

well, yes, but do we really need people to be more social?

just like cooking, adding a little salt really helps

Jan 3

oh, you built a particle accelerator in your garage. that's adorable.

between this and ML-driven biometric measurements, i'm wondering at what point will truly identifying someone be a trivial action?
for example, you have your biometric/ID data in a secure location. the location is tattooed on you in an invisible ink. the location requires several points of biometric data to be provided in order to allow access to the data but provides an API to do the handshake.
as you walk into a building for a job interview, the combination of your gait, your retinal scan, your cardiovascular variations, etc, etc, is paired with that tattooed location's handshake.
this passes the handshake authentication and you, the meat body, and you, the digital record, are now matched.



Dec 31st

the Permanent Now is slowly approaching. Once it gets the rest of the way here what you did won't matter, what you do does. who you were is irrelevant compared to who you are

the hollowing out of the middle class continues apace. why? because next day shipping make brain happy.

still in paragraph one of the plot of The Day After Tomorrow

it seemed like a problem until the kids remembered that libraries and the internet are a thing and went off to teach themselves.

Dec 30th

the depths of irony that reality can get to are just plain silly

an explosion in tech was funded by consumers with disposable income. it was then coopted by governments as a method of control. the citizens decide how they want to deal with it, and some of them realize that they disagree with the government. as such they begin tinkering with the fringes of technology until eventually they find something that can be monetized and the cycle begins anew
in other words: the commodification of privacy is here, but you can't afford it yet.

Dec 29th

a potential alternative to spin/valley -tronics

as globalization is the slow dissolution of nation states' economic separation, streaming is the slow dissolution of nation states' internal cultural separations.
there's a potential future with no nation-states and millions of fragmented subculture offshoots.

Dec 25th

tis the season to for class warfare

"If you want to understand a behavior, and you think you're going to study one region, you might be in a tough position"

Dec 24th

we're already making better stuff than the roach cam in Fifth Element?? i demand the chicken microwave thing!!

never would have thought of using the phrase "as stealthy as a whale", but here we are

what we learned in school about genetics wasn't the tip of the iceberg, it was a snowflake on a mountainside

with tech like this, you can keep your tricorder! (wait no lemme take that off your hands)

true for chimps, but not always true for people. especially when their self-identity is wrapped up in the job. which is pretty grotesque.

"we proved that it will either work, fail, or fail in a different way"

snacks really do bring us all together

Dec 23rd

there's a certain poetry in using viral payloads to cure diseases

if you ever wanted proof that the stock market isn't consistently logical, here it is. an algorithm figured out better trading strategies faster than one that studied the past.


brevity is the soul of wit, as they say

i, for one, look forward to finally getting enough sleep

good news! you almost gave yourself a concussion that one time at the beach!

the second to last paragraph gave me goosebumps

oh that's ...clearly neat

"Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" was my first experience of unrelenting horror in a pop song wrapper

for everyone involved, nothing is as frustrating as teachers who don't listen to their students

tech helps, but you can think your way to a better solution

diamond fueled nanotech is gonna make DeBeer's monopoly a real problem

quantifying pain is like the Scoville scale. someones gonna try and max that bad boy out.

life is both fleeting and super resilient

there's a Goldschläger joke in here somewhere

brain computer interfaces are gonna get real magical

hear me out...ant based weather apps

stable nanoscale 3D printing is when stuffs gonna get straight up abracadabra level magical

art and commerce should never have met but now we gotta deal with their shitty kids

bio-printing is a fact, not theory

lighting the deepest recesses of the brain light aflame with nano-fragments and music

i wonder when we'll have "attention" and "creativity" in gummy form

a truly cyclic future is getting really close